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Celebrity Stylist Revealed Amazing DIY Haircut System

Haircuts for Life- From The Comfort of Your Home

Without Spending $50 every time on Quick Trims at Salon


Stop Choosing Between an Embarrassing DIY Haircut and Expensive Trips to the Salon

1 out of 5 women has left a hair salon in tears because they were unhappy with their haircuts.

Even more, women end up in tears because they try to DIY it and make it even worse.

A trip to the salon can cost as much as $80. (This is approx $500 Every Year)

But like most people, spending $80 every 2 months just to get a (potentially disastrous) trim isn’t something I can afford.

So, I thought I’d take matters into my own hands and attempt to give myself a trim.

To put it lightly… it didn’t go well. I went from a shampoo model to look like a pop star after a mental breakdown, all with a single snip.

I was so embarrassed that I had to book an emergency appointment and wound up spending even more than usual to fix my mistake.


We are literally having 2 Options:

Option 1: Visit a Salon and spend $50- $80 every time for a quick trim

(Sometimes even results in disappointment)


Option 2: Trust your Partner or Parents to do it, that’s even more disastrous

Just like this Poor Kid


Introducing DIY Hair Cut System- CreaClip

Created by Celebrity Stylist by Mai Lieu


It’s not crazy….thanks to Mai, you CAN save HUNDREDS and get YEARS of salon-quality haircuts at home – you just need the right tool! 

CreaClip is a DIY home haircut system that makes it easy for you to get a professional-looking trim between haircuts at home.


Want to keep your haircut looking great WEEKS AFTER your last trip to the salon? You’re in luck!

CreaClip is the easiest way to maintain a professional-looking trim.

With help from video tutorials for ALL hair types and styles, you can preserve the great-looking length, layers, bangs, or bob you had the day you left the stylist’s chair.

Now you can ALWAYS LOOK GREAT — and save A TON of time and money in the process!

“I just gave myself the best at-home bang trim of my life!”

✅ Save Time AND Money! – CreaClipping and cutting your own hair is incredibly easy and takes only minutes…

PLUS, every CreaClip cut can save you $50+ at the salon!

✅ Works on ALL Hair Types! – Long or short, thick or thin… CreaClip’s flexible design adjusts to your unique hair type.

Each set comes with two clips: the large CreaClip works on long hair and layers, while the small CreaClip is made for shorter hair and bangs.

✅ Easy Step-By-Step Video Tutorials! – CreaClip has a massive video library created by professional stylists to help you trim ANY hairstyle easily.

✅ The Perfect Trim Every Time! – CreaClip’s smooth edge creates a clear guide to cut along, so you’ll never have to worry about cutting too much off or cutting unevenly – anyone can do it!

✅ Great for Kids! – Kids grow up so fast and salons are expensive (plus who knows how they’ll act when getting a haircut).

CreaClip stays securely in place no matter how much kids wriggle around – making it easy to trim children’s hair of all ages from the comfort of your home.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If by any chance you didn’t like CreaClip, you may return it, and get your 100% Money Back!

No Questions Asked!

It’s Absolutely a No Brainer- Go for it Now!



It’s a hair cutting tool built by an award-winning, celebrity stylist to help people like us give ourselves professional-looking trims at home!

Stylist Mai Lieu has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and no matter where she traveled.

She ALWAYS had to fix home haircuts.

She thought, “ since people are doing it anyway, why not invent a product for them to do a better job at home!”

CreaClip was created by Mai Lieu, an award-winning Celebrity Stylist

How to Use CreaClip

Its Simple 3 Step Process

👉 Clip it to your hair

👉 Align the level to your desired hairstyle

👉 Cut your hair using the CreaClip as your guide


This even Works for Kids


And for Men:

CreaClip is a Complete Family Hair Cut Solution

Few Hair Cutting Techniques with CreaClip explained below in the video:


From Fringed Bob, Sleek Blunt, Blonde Waves, Fine Bangs Hairdo, Side Part Blonde, Ombre Medium etc…

Crea Clip can give you any hairstyle you can possibly think of!




Get Your DIY Haircut before it’s Out of Stock, and you have to Shed $50 again at your Salon!

Discount Applied on Checkout!

More than 2,00,000 Pieces Sold Globally!



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