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This MIT Invention Saves $1000 Every year on Car Repairs 

Stop Getting Ripped Off by Shaddy Mechanics

Upgrade your Car with this Out of the Box Coolest Car Gadget

We all need a mechanic with us, while we are on the Drive…66% Americans said they feel they’re overcharged for their Car Repairs!

We all have the same feeling.

Well, Not Now!

Plug FixD in your Car, and get all the problems alert beforehand, with the estimated Cost of Repair!

Yes- You Heard it Right.

So, Your Mechanic cannot overcharge you ever in life. 

It diagnoses over 7000 Problems in your Car. 

  This Device Has Changed The Way We Deal With Car Repair Shops

(Save $1000s on Repairs)

(Never Get Ripped Off by Shaddy Mechanics Ever Again in Life)

We depend on mechanics to keep our cars running smoothly…but I’ve always felt like mine might be overcharging me or selling me stuff I don’t really need.

And apparently, I’m not alone…a recent AAA survey1 says that more than 66% of Americans feel the same way.

I wanted to figure out if my auto repair shop was being honest or ripping me off.

Introducing FIXD- Car Repairs changed forever

FIXD is a little car scanner (called an OB2 scanner) that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

It tells you, in plain English, what’s wrong with your car (if one of your warning lights are on), what maintenance you’ll need soon (based on your mileage), and how much to expect to pay for those repairs.

Watch FIXD in Action 👇


Mechanics calls it the “Mechanic that’s always with you”…and it’s clear why.

Car Owners call it “Game Changer”

How It Works?

When you buy FIXD, you get this little scanner that plugs into the OB2 port that’s available in any gasoline-powered vehicle built after 1996 (this is the year they required all vehicles to have this port).

This is the same port that mechanics plug their readers into to run a diagnosis in your car.

After you plug it in and start your car, you open the app on your smartphone (it’s free and available in the Apple and Google app stores) and click the big green button to start the scan.

Once the scan is complete, you’ll get a few items:

Warning Light Diagnosis (If Applicable)

Brake System, ABS, Brake Pads

Engine Coolant/Oil Pressure

Tyre Pressure

Engine Oil

Airbags & Seatbelt

Washer Fluid

and much more…..

As of today, FIXD is offering a limited time discount…so if you’re going to get one, NOW is the time.

Stop Getting Ripped off from Mechanics ever Again in your Life!



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